Note: this extension is replaced with X-editable. Please follow link to learn more.

Yii extension for Bootstrap Editable plugin

This extension joins Yii framework with Bootstrap Editable plugin allowing in-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap Form and Popover. It includes three widgets and one component that together give you extremely fast and easy way for creating editable interfaces.

Download stable (1.0.0)

Include Bootstrap

To include Twitter Bootstrap into your Yii project there are 2 ways:

  • use Yii-bootstrap extension
  • include Bootstrap js and css manually:

Install extension

1. Download the latest release. Unzip extension under protected/extensions/editable directory.

2. Add following code to your config in protected/config directory:


That's it!

In case of questions please ask on extension page or create issue on github.
Your feedback / contribution will be appreciated!